Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Oh well..

Its clear that I am not supposed to have children, real or ceramic. At my last ceramic session I had a go at interpreting Barbara Hepworth's Baby in clay. This was my second attempt, the head of my first attempt exploded in the kiln smashing another of my pieces in the process. But I'm not one to run away crying when something doesn't go to plan so I decided to have another go. How foolish I am. This time during the biscuit fire the baby's face slipped right off, oh how I laughed when I found out. It may not be terminal, so I've glazed the body and the face as there is always the possibility that one application of hard of nails later no one, but me, and you, will ever know about my faceless baby! Although it may be a case of third time lucky.

But I did pick up a couple of other of my creations which are now fully glazed and finished and I promised a friend that I would photos of them to the blog.

This one you may recognise as its been here before, but this is it finished. The glaze is my favourite glaze and is the Gok Wan of glazes, or dolomite to those who pot.

This one you won't have seen, he's based on a lovely garden gargoyle owned by friends, I've cropped the photo to hide the mass of books on my floor.

I absolutely promise any friends popping by that these will not be wrapped under your tree this Christmas.


belle said...

Faceless babies or not, you're very talented, I like them!

brunhilde said...

I looked up this guy you keep on about and see he encourages people to wander about naked - I accidentally caught sight of myself in a full-length hotel mirror the other week and screamed, so I shan't be applying to him. But the glaze looks beautiful, the curvy shape aches to be stroked, and the gargoyle looks as if should be on a church roof, so not only are you a writer, you're a sculptor too! (how unfair is the distribution of the talents?!)

riverwillow said...

You are both so kind, but I'm not sure about talented as you should see what everyone else who goes there turns out and as for the writing you haven't read anything yet:o)

As for Gok Wan brunhilde, having worked on my fair share of these shows, I was very suspicious of How to Look Good Naked, but watch it as he really does work wonders.