Thursday, 1 January 2009

First Book of 2009

This is the third book in the Brenda and Effie series and is no less bonkers than the other two. Something is up in Whitby - Mr Danby is hosting an all night radio phone-in show which seems to be keeping most of the locals up all night and Mrs Claus is hosting a convention for British ex-super heroes, Harry the Cat and Mrs Midnight are two of those in attendance, but something is coming and its not just romance for Brenda, whether she likes it or not. As usual Brenda, Effie and their sidekick Robert are determined to get to the bottom of the various goings on, and their investigations lead Brenda into danger and Effie, Robert and Sheila Manchu have to go very deep in their attempts to save their friend. Lots of fun.


BarbaraS said...

He wrote a Creative Writing book/manual which I have upstairs... must read that.

riverwillow said...

I've got it too, I think you suggested it as it was on one of your lists, must read it too.