Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Queen of the Flat Pack

Yesterday I assembled 5 flat pack bookcases without any tantrums, odd bits and pieces left over or any of the other dramas usually associated with the task. Yes five bookcases, I have a lot of books.

How did I achieve this momentous task? On my own. All the menfolk who had offered to assist suddenly had urgent reasons to be elsewhere. As I still bear the scars, emotional and physical, from assembling the bed - we had three screws left over, and I was assured that these were spares, of course they were and had nothing to do with the bed collapsing when the cat jumped up, no no no - I was quite happy to be left alone with the boxes and the toolbox.


BarbaraS said...

Men + flat packs = disaster!

Apply copious amounts of pat-on-the-backs to oneself - well done you!

belle said...

Thanks for the comment, much appreciated :) And there is nothing to say. It's just crap.